Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Kebijakan Dividen

Darminto Darminto


This research is including research type of explanatory to explain significance influence fromReturn on Investment ( ROI), Cash ratio ( CR), debt to equity ratio ( DER), Equity to toTalAssets ratio ( ETAR), Growth Sales ( GS), Firm Size ( SIZE) and Earning per Share ( EPS )to Dividen Per Share ( DPS ). Based on coefficient value obtained from equation analysis ofmulti linear regression is concluded variable ROI, CR, DER, ETAR, GS, SIZE and PES, insimultance has influence signifikan to variable Dividen Per Share ( DPS). Based oncoefficient value obtained from probability value ( Sig-F) 0,000 at level  = 0,05 ( 0,000 <0,05). Coefficient value R Square = 0,603 showing various DPS value change explained byindependent variable in simultance 60,3 % while rest is 39,7 % explained by other variablewhich outside seven accurate independent variables. Influence ROI to Dividen Per Sharesignificance at level  = 0,05 with probability value 0,039. Influence Cash ratio to DPS withprobability value 0,044. Influence DER with probability value 0,008. Influence ETAR to DPSwith probability value 0,007. Influence Growth Sale to DPS with probability value 0,006.Influence Firm Size to DPS with probability value 0,028. Influence EPS to DPS withprobability value 0,000. Dominant variable had an effect on to DPS is variable GS withregression coefficient value ( b) 63,185. From seventh of independent variable that isaccurate, GS is variable that is most dominant influences level of DPS.

Keyword : Return on Investment (ROI), Cash Ratio (CR), Debt to equity Ratio (DER), Equity toTotal Assets Ratio (ETAR), Growth Sales (GS), Firm size (SIZE). Earning per Share(EPS), Dividen Per Share (DPS).

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